Financial Planning

Financial and personal planning

The speed of change and ever-increasing complexity in the financial markets require the best conflict free advice and financial planning. In today’s world we consider financial planning as important as the decision of the chosen investment strategy.

A thorough consultation with our clients is the basis for a good partnership In-depth analysis of the client’s financial and personal situation will guide us together towards a common goal: Peace of mind!

Financial and personal planning could therefore include company formation, trusts and insurance related solutions, which would be appropriate for each of our client’s unique situation.

In an ever-changing marketplace, both financially and legally, we monitor the developments for you and give timely advice.

Your Advantages

  • Core Capital is a partner owned firm – free from any ties to financial institutions whose interests may be different to yours.
  • We are paid by you and apply a “same side of the table” approach in a conflict free way.
  • Our objective is to deliver the optimal and transparent financial solution to you no matter the supplier.
  • We ensure that administrative issues with your bank are treated correctly and in a disciplined way.
  • Nothing can replace experience and consistency. Within our team we draw upon business and investing experience dating back to 1980’s which will serve you well.
  • Capital has no in-house funds or “products” that we try to sell to our clients.

Looking for an advisor who sits on the same side of the table as you? Contact us now.