Our Core

  • Our Story

    Core Capital was founded together with a highly satisfied client, who sought a “personal CFO”. He trusted us with his wealth because we shared the same philosophy; that money and wealth is, and always will, belong to the client. Since it is not our money, nor the bank's money, the utmost respect and integrity is required when giving advice.

  • Our Core

    We are a group of financial advisers, with a mutual background from big banks, and with a shared passion for a client focused business model, without ties to any financial institution.

  • Our Customer Value Proposition

    We help financially successful individuals and families, with investable assets of EUR 2,5 Mio and above, to protect and grow their wealth through our client focused business model.

  • Our Business Model

    We act as your personal and exclusive financial adviser, who sits on your side of the table in all situations, in order to protect and grow your wealth with the exact same level of security provided by traditional banks.

  • Our Sweet Spot Clients

    Our clients are very often self-made business people and families who has worked hard for their money and appreciate a business partner that acts in their best interest in all aspects of wealth and asset management.

  • Our Price Model

    Our price model is directly correlated to the financial results that we generate for you as a client, divided into a management fee and a performance fee.

  • Our On Boarding Process

    Our on-boarding process involves a switch to one of our preferred business partners. These highly reputable global banks have been handpicked by us for their speed of execution, responsiveness, attractive price structure and IT platform.

  • Our Employer Value Proposition

    We are a partner driven asset management company, and just like our clients we work hard for our success. Our employees have the highest level of qualification, ambition and an entrepreneurial mind-set. In return, we offer the very best opportunities to build a stimulating and prosperous career.