Birk Andersen

Senior Financial Advisor

With an extensive background in Wealth Management and Investment Advisory, Birk has held several prominent positions in Denmark before joining Core Capital. In 2020, he made the transition to Luxembourg, demonstrating his international experience and ability to adapt to new environments. Since then, Birk has been dedicated to providing expert guidance primarily to Danish High Net Worth who also have an international financial interests. Birk’s profound understanding of asset management, investment advice, and intricate wealth structures greatly enriches our team’s capabilities in serving a diverse and globally-minded clientele. Moreover, Birk’s experience in moving people across countries has given him valuable insights into the challenges and complexities faced by individuals navigating international financial landscapes. In addition to his client-focused work, Birk has been actively contributing to the professional development of his peers in the financial industry through training sessions and lectures. As a Senior Financial Advisor, Birk plays a pivotal role in our team, offering a vast wealth of knowledge, expertise, and a unique perspective on international wealth management.